Listen to “black bananas” by Thomas Schwank

Listen to Bayou is back! If you’ve been with us from the start, you’ve heard stories about quarks & religious snakes, an essay about Virginia eyes, and poetry on the length of a stride. Soon we’ll have recordings to share with you from Bayou contributors we’ll be meeting up with at AWP in Seattle. For this month, we tracked down another Bayou Magazine contributor living in New Orleans, the very first to be recorded from our newest issue.

Listen to Thomas Schwank read his poem “black bananas”

from Issue 60 of Bayou Magazine.

Black Bannanas

Thomas works as a waiter in the French Quarter and likes to write plays and poems, which he hopes you’ll enjoy. You can find other recordings of his poems here.

Thomas Schwank

Thomas Schwank

The featured image on this post is Banana Fana Fo Famine. The music sampled in our recording is by Django Reinhardt. Our Listen to Bayou series is produced and edited by Robin Baudier and Luke Sirinides.