Tweet Poems With Us for NaPoMo!

National Poetry Month comes but once a year, so why not take advantage of it and start thinking – and tweeting – poetically?

Part of the great and enduring appeal of poetry is its delicacy and economy of language, and it’s probably no surprise that its made such a come-back in the last 30 years. Articles like this one from the UK’s Daily Telegraph show a link between our fast-paced tech-driven society and the consumption of digital poetry: when we’re programmed to think in 125 characters or less, doesn’t it make sense that we’re gaining a renewed appreciation for beautifully crafted, concise linguistic expressions?


As part of Bayou’s National Poetry Month series, we’ll be running a digital exquisite corpse through our Twitter account (@BayouMagazine). Head on over and follow us to receive daily one-line prompts, which you can retweet, then respond to with your own 125-character line of poetry! We’ll be gathering the responses (and the responses to responses–we’re hoping to start a chain reaction of tweet poems) and collating them into one poem a week, which will be published here on the blog, along with the twitter handles of participating writers.

Not only is this a great opportunity to flex your writing muscles and challenge yourself creatively, it’s also a unique chance to participate in a project that fosters community and connectivity: something that, to our mind, poetry is all about. So head on over to the Bayou twitter account and limber up your fingertips. The first prompt is coming at you later today!

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