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Issue 61 of Bayou Magazine is off to the presses! While we’re counting down the days to its arrival you can pre-order your issues now online or through snail mail. For more info, check out our Subscription page.

This issue is a beaut, with cover art by the astonishing German artist Simone Lucas. Inside are essays that include eggs that stand on end, measuring life in centimeters, re-figuring a cat into a writer, and combating choking with empty spaces. Stories transport the reader to Moscow for mammalian marine animals, dip in and out of the not-so-small minds in a small town, and tell of loss, hoarding and meth. The poetry. The poetry! We couldn’t possibly summarize the thirty-one poems, plus the winner of the 2013 Kay Murphy Prize in Poetry. So click here to read about the winning poem and our 2013 James Knudsen Prize in Fiction winner. Check out Issue 61’s Table of Contents to see the evocative titles of the works themselves.

Enjoy. We know we did!

Cover Art: Das fliegende Auge by Simone Lucas

Cover Art: Das fliegende Auge by Simone Lucas

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  1. […] If you’d like to eyeball up some of the excellent writers featured in this issue, check out: Issue 61, Coming Soon! We hope to see you soon, in this most festive National Short Story […]


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