The Digital Corpse: Tweeting Poems for NaPoMo

For the past few weeks, Bayou has been running a digital exquisite corpse over on our Twitter account. The idea was simple: post a daily prompt, and have followers tweet back the next line. We re-tweet their tweet, and then others can respond, creating a beautiful thread of unexpected verse!

We’ll be posting the results over the next week or so, to wrap up National Poetry Month. It’s been an absolute blast writing these poems with you all, and we hope you’ll head over to Twitter to catch the last few prompts!

Prompt 1: Featuring Carrie Chappell, M.E. Riley, and Kia Groom


Prompt 2: Featuring Carrie Chappell.


Prompt 3: Featuring Nordette Adams


Prompt 4: Featuring Nordette Adams, Jessie Strauss, and Kia Groom