Michael Foucault reads

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You have survived AWP, Bayou-hosted Contributor’s Reading, and the second-coldest Mardi Gras on record. After all your hard work, consider taking a break and picking up a book. jewel bush, founder of MelaNated Writers Collective, has a few suggestions that span from Dickens to Life On Mars. They have the […]

Rosemary Williams reads

Welcome Back, Bayeux! We’re excited to kick off the new year with a new crop of contributors for the What We’re Reading series.  Since we’ve last posted, a lot has happened. Issue 60 is live and available for order. Our release party last month was electric with literati, liquor, and the Natural Light All Stars.  […]

Debbie Harry reads

Happy Fall, Bayou Readers! Autumn is here and we are bundling up with scarves, sweaters, and books.  As Bayou Editors can testify, fall is a busy time of year for literary magazines, journals, and their editors and readers.  Therefore, it is an honor to feature Bill Lavender, founder of Lavender Ink press, during this hectic, […]

Tom Waits reads

Welcome back, Bayou Readers! Bayou Magazine hopes your summer was warm with literary pursuits, including tackling all those reading recommendations New Orleans writers suggested for you last year, in our first season of What We’re Reading.  As fall begins, we’re eager to hear from more locals on what’s been occupying their desks, bedside tables, and […]

Johnny Cash reads

Happy Summer, Bayeux, and welcome to our mid-May installment of What We’re Reading. Associate Editor Carrie Chappell may have just graduated, but she’s not letting go of her Bayou duties until she gives you an ear-full (an eye-full?). Read on to discover how she found Anne Carson, and don’t be scared if her story makes you want to […]

Brit Marling reads

73 books last year alone, and he’s on track for more in 2013. Ted O’Brien isn’t just sharing with Bayou Magazine his reading list; he’s challenging you to step up your word game.  Know local writers.  Become a radio host.  And for your own sake, get some bookmarks. I’ve always been a slow reader.  Yet […]

Nina Simone reads

Spring’s sprung. Festival season’s begun. But we’re still hungry… So we had to ask her. We needed to hear from The Big Kahuna. At last, she is here, to grace us with her reading list. Let’s hear it for Joanna Leake, our Editor-in-Chief! In order to fend off a bad case of restless brain syndrome, I need […]