Issue 54


ellen                                                             In the Absence of Light

Anne Carol Fowler                                       CumberlandCounty Jail

Jean A. McDonough                                    Extreme Unction

Carol Bell                                                     Crows

Marcia Aldrich                                             Scribe of the Albino

                                                                  Letter to the Stranger I Never Saw Again

Eric Lee                                                      Some Parting Advice

George Looney                                           To Hell with the Deconstructionists

Jim Heavily                                                  A Letter from Don, Who Lives Near Metairie

                                                                    & Denies His Luddite Proclivities

Peter Serchuk                                             Saturn’s Chorus


Holly Welker                                                Keeping Abreast of Beauty

Valentine Pierce                                          What Matters Most

Pamela Baker                                              Avoiding the Stepladder


Christopher J. Helvey                                  Wu Fat’s Satori

Jessica Masterton                                       Providence Road

Winner of 2009 James Knudsen Editor’s Prize in Fiction

John Chattin                                                Call It Love, Name It Hate

Winner of Tennessee Williams One-Act Play Contest

Josh Billig                                                   Outside Sitka

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