Issue 55


Jesse Patrick Ferguson            Murder By the Stop Sign

Aidan Lee                               Beloved, the Dealer Has Dealt

Dana Kroos                             Coincidence

Danny Rendleman                   Reason

Don Russ                                Watching A Dancer Dance Leaves Of Grass

David Scronce                        The New World

Liz Robbins                             BANG

Matt Schumacher                    sea reverie

John M. Anderson                  Kitty’s Orchids Drew Me

Phebe Szatmari                      New Year’s Eve, 1988


Kelley Shinn                           I Know Something About Running  


Hans Burger                           Shitstick

Kevin Breen                            Roger and Jodeen

Winner of the 2010 James Knudsen Editor’s Prize in Fiction

JoeAnn Hart                           Easy Living

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