The Winner: 2016 James Knudsen Prize for Fiction

Winners Circle 330PDCongratulations to Jessica Walker whose story, “Jazz Fan,” has won the 2016 James Knudsen Prize for Fiction.  This year’s judge was Anne Raeff, author of Clara Mondshein’s Melancholia and The Jungle Around Us.

About the winning story, Raeff said:

“What I appreciated most about this story was the voice and the complexity of the narrator, who is pathetic and heroic at the same time, struggling to find dignity and meaning in his much-diminished life. What makes him heroic is that he recognizes the absurdity of his adulation of the long-dead musician and his dependence on his young roommate, Kayden. He is not ashamed of being a fan or the deal he has struck with Kayden, and so we are pulled into his world, into his pain but also into his triumph. This writer didn’t play it safe, and it worked. I love the ending…the last sentence was beautiful. I can still hear that middle C.”

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Interview with Poet Jay Hopler


Courtesy Ryan Johnson Photography

“It’s funny. I wrote a book about loss—specifically the loss of my father—while trying to write, trying to think, about anything but. What I tell my students really is true: the more you try to avoid something, the more it comes out in your work. I’m thankful for that. If I’d realized from the outset that I was writing a book about coming to terms with my father’s passing, I would have written into it and that would have made the process all but impossible.”

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Literary New Orleans: March 2017


Jenny Lawson at Garden District

Friday the 10th
Reading and signing with Jenny Lawson featuring her new book You Are Here: An Owners Manual for Dangerous Minds, Garden District Bookshop, 6 PM

Saturday the 11th

Science Fiction Book Club will be discussing Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, Octavia Books, 10:30 AM

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