Issue 66

Issue 66 Contents

2015 James Knudsen Prize for Fiction

Barrett Bowlin                                 Hands Like Birds on Strings



Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry        Cossacks and Highwaymen

Brad Cobb                                         In this Place and Nowhere Else

Kim Bradley                                    Spillway   



Samantha Atkins                          Impermanence Blazing

Michelle Donahue                       I Knew There Was a Bridge



Michael Malan                            Agents of the Prince

Leanne Hoppe                           West

Dustin Pearson A                      Slip

Beth McDermott                       Equinox

Emily Nason                              I Take Their Catfish as Mine

Michael Lambert from           Nation Held Hostile

Darla Himeles                          What It Felt Like

Christopher DeWeese             Lump

Krystal Languell from            Tonight This Is Our Last Song

Christopher Citro &
Dustin Nightingale
                 What Ample Feels Like

Joseph Harms                          Nature Natured

Matt Dennison                        Owl

Timothy Robbins                    Interim

Moira J.                                    Protecting the Family Home with Iconic Portraits of Martyrs

Willie VerSteeg                      Boy’s Field Seminar


2016 Tennessee Williams One-Act Play Contest Winner

Charles Leipart                      Cream Cakes in Munich