August Literary Events


Laura LippmanCredit: Lesley Unruh

Laura Lippman (Photo Credit: Lesley Unruh)

Thursday the 1st

Lisa Sandlin discusses and signs her book, The Bird Boys, Octavia Books, 6 PM

Sunday the 4th

Poetry Night, Maple Leaf Bar, 3 PM

Tuesday the 6th

Laura Lippman discusses and signs her book, Lady in the Lake, Garden District Book Shop, 6 PM

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Interview with Alexander Chee



Alexander Chee

 “[Y]ou can spend over a decade writing a novel about a woman soprano singer in the 19th century who believes her voice might be cursed, dooming her to repeat fates of the roles she performs. You can research it intensively at archives around the country and abroad, take trips to the sites, write grant applications to support this work, carefully fact check it with historians who work with the period, fill it with a critique of an economy dependent on the sexual servitude of women and the resulting culture in which we unthinkingly repeat many of the traditions to this day. And yet when you get to a Q&A, all too often, the question is about how much of you is in the novel, when you were never the point.” – Alexander Chee

                                          Read the full interview here.