Literary New Orleans: August Events

Carville 300 x 300Monday the 1st
Neil Gaiman Book Club. Tubby & Coo’s, 6-7:00pm

Friday the 5th
Reading and signing with author John Broven featuring the new edition of his book, RHYTHM AND BLUES IN NEW ORLEANS. Octavia Books, 6:00pm

Sunday the 7th
Board Game Night, Tubby & Coo’s, 6-10:00pm

Monday the 8th
Science Fiction Book Club, Tubby & Coo’s, 6-7:00pm

Tuesday the 9th
The Moth Slam Storytelling. Event theme is “Heat.” Cafe Istanbul. Doors open at 7:00pm, stories start at 7:30pm

Wednesday the 10th
Reading and signing with author Charlie Spillers featuring his non-fiction book, CONFESSIONS OF AN UNDERCOVER AGENT: ADVENTURES, CLOSE CALLS AND THE TOLL OF A DOUBLE LIFE. Octavia Books, 6:00pm

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Issue 65 Featured Fiction by Chase Dearinger

WYATT’S PAYCHECK FROM THE PLANT was all we had with Mom up and gone again. He moved to the third shift just to keep us going. This was all fucking up the summer before my first year of high school something fierce. It meant Wyatt was home all day in full blown underwear-and-Coke mode, which was why me and Squints had to get money for weed by cleaning out his mom’s shed.

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THE UNAMERICANS: Interview with Molly Antopol

ANTOPOL 330 x 330

There’s this line in “My Grandmother Tells Me a Story” in which the grandmother says something like, why don’t you go out and enjoy yourself rather than asking questions about things that have nothing to do with you? These horrible things happened before you were born. And I feel like that was a line that, as soon as I wrote it, I was like, oh, this is what this book is really about. In a lot of ways, it’s my anxiety about why I’m so obsessed with these really dark moments of the past and why I’m so interested in talking to the older generations of my family about things they might not want to look at or might not want to talk about.

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