We are pleased to announce the winners of Bayou Magazine’s 2018-2019 contests.


Marcy Dermansky (Judge, James Knudsen Prize for Fiction)


Congratulations to Andrew De Silva, winner of the James Knudsen Prize for Fiction, for his entry, “Footlocker at the End of the World.” See the judge’s comments about the winning entry and a list of finalists here.






PAFUNDA, Danielle 300x300

Danielle Pafunda (Judge, Kay Murphy Prize for Poetry)                 


And congratulations to Valerie Hsiung, winner of the Kay Murphy Prize for Poetry, for her entry, Tell Me How It Makes You Feel. See the full list of finalists here.







Interview with Magdalena Zurawski

ZURAWSKI, Magdalena 300x300

Magdalena Zurawski

“I was a bit surprised by the level of anxiety I felt at that time. It was all so shocking—the Muslim ban, the fascists marching in Virginia, the president’s verbal attacks on private citizens via twitter. I was frustrated both with my inability to stay calm and my powerlessness to stop any of the terrible things the president was doing. Now my anxiety is gone, but that just means I’m used to Trump. That should keep me up at night.” -Magdalena Zurawski

Read the whole interview here.

March Literary Events

DERRICOTTE, Toi (photo credit:Linda Koolish) 300x300

Toi Derricotte at Dogfish Reading Series

Sunday the 3rd

Poetry Night, Maple Leaf Bar, 3 PM

Wednesday the 6th

Blood Jet Poetry Series, The Dragonfly, 8 PM

Sunday the 10th

Poetry Night, Maple Leaf Bar, 3 PM

Click here for complete list of events.