Literary New Orleans: May 2017

Tarriona _Tank_ Ball

The 18th: Tariona “Tank” Ball at Dogfish

Monday the 1st

Reading and signing with Jennifer Chambliss Bertman featuring her new book The Unbreakable Code, Octavia Books, 4:15 PM

Neil Gaiman Book Club, Tubby & Coo’s, 6 PM

Tuesday the 2nd

Reading and discussion with Karissa Haugeberg, Woman Against Abortion: Inside the Largest Moral Reform Movement in the Twentieth Century, Octavia Books, 6 PM

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The Winner: 2016 Kay Murphy Prize for Poetry


Myung Mi Kim, Contest Judge

Congratulations to Alexander Payne Morgan, whose poem, “The Slave Owner’s Daughter Makes Soap,” has won the 2016 Kay Murphy Prize for Poetry.  This year’s judge was Myung Mi Kim, author of six poetry collections including Under Flag, Commons, and Penury.

Kim praised the poem’s “fervent, vivid imagery” and called it “an exquisitely observed world made palpable through vibrant use of details and sounds. It  is at once concerned with the immediacy of the particular and intergenerational family legacies surrounding slavery and race.”

See more details and finalists here.

 Interview with Patricia Bosworth

Bosworth 300x300

Patricia Boswort

“Gloria Steinem says when a woman gets older she becomes more radical because she’s no longer judged as a sexual being, she’s just a human being. As you get older, you become more true to yourself because you no longer care what anyone thinks about you.”

Read the whole interview with the award-winning actor and writer here.



It Pays to Publish with Bayou Magazine

My generation was maybe the last in which you could set up shop as a writer and hope to make a living at it. –John Updike


Hold up there, John Updike. Bayou is turning back the clock.

We are pleased to announce that Bayou Magazine will pay authors for all fiction and nonfiction manuscripts submitted and published after February 1, 2017. Please refer to genre Submission Guidelines for more details.