Issue 69

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2017 Kay Murphy Prize for Poetry

Mara Adamitz Scrupe   Praying Mantis (annus horribilis)  


Taylor Kobran          What It Meant to be Hungry                   

Lana Spendl             Crumbs and Porcelain Cup   

Dustin M. Hoffman        A Tomb Dug Under Mother          

J.Ed. Marston           His Face in the Light                      

Danielle LaVaque-Manty   The Original Wife

Meg Pokrass            You and Your Middle-Aged Cat       

Victoria Campbell        Learning to Breathe Underwater        

Michael Reid Busk        Aristotle’s Marriage, Heisenberg’s Divorce


Nola Propst            Hostitality

Liliana Rehorn         Bruise


Greg Marzullo     ‘80s Newscast 

Khaleel Gheba         The Birds

Ricardo Pau-Llosa        Husserlian Meditation: Remote

Ashunda Norris           One Week After the Election

P.L. Sanchez           his riches

Anastacia-Renee Tolbert     Frozen Sweetness

Dan Encarnacion         Pavid Man

Julia Bouwsma          Dear ghosts, because you are dead and restless

Sheila Squillante          Round Baby Consents to Swear

Irène Mathieu       An Easy Way of Living 

Lyn Lifshin         Haven’t You Wanted, Sometimes To

Jerry W. Ward, Jr.        Growth

Andrew Alexander Mobbs  Petit Jean

Kalamu ya Salaam     haiku #135 

                                      haiku #206

Kwoya Fagin Maples        Her Knife