Issue 70

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2017 James Knudsen Prize for Fiction

Susan Isaak Lolis Vivien’s Sister            

2018 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival One-Act Play Contest

Rosalind Sullivan-Lovett     Henry Darger Takes a Walk  


Jennifer Conlon       You’re Not Leaving the House Like That 

dezireé a. brown          love poem: dezireé   

Derrick Weston Brown       Recall                      

Samir Atassi                 D-O-N  

Vicky Brown Varela          What We Owe: Film Treatment 

Shana Turner         Gods   

Christopher David Hopkins     Homeschool Biology    

Alexa Doran          Motherhood (Exhibit A)

Donney Rose                       Cardi B. Scores a Hit Album    

Bryce Berkowitz                    What Remains      

Jordan Ranft          Comfort

Shaun Turner                         Frightening  

Alexandra Kulik                    my dead sister’s voice  

Brian Clifton                          The Goatman of Louisville, Kentucky  

Damon McLaughlin             Palm Reading  

Tara Betts                               Descent  


C. Morgan Babst              Salvifici Doloris  

Laura Leigh Morris            Frackers                   

Shawn Goodman               The Satchel    

Tyrese L. Coleman             I Been Changed      


Sarah Van Arsdale             Helen Frankenthaler, My Mother, and the Properties of Art 

Gabriela Denise Frank      The Broken Heart Above