Issue 77

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2022-2023 Tennessee Williams One-Act Play

James Odin Wade

By the Book


Rebecca Turkewitz

Carl Williams

Julian Anderson

James Braun

Ra’Niqua Lee

Sean Theodore Stewart

Melissa Barker

Tory Dickerson

Zilla Jones

Sarah Lane’s School for Girls



If Ever We Take Flight

Red Light Special

A Japanese Balloon Bomb Explodes Outside Litchfield, Nebraska

The Pool House


Follow the Leader


CJ Kane

Heather Rounds

James McKee

Hate: A Reflection

I Prefer the Praying Mantis

They May Not Mean To, But They Do


Oak Morse

Anastasia Stelse

Allyn Bernkopf

Kindall Fredricks

Yvanna Vien Tica

Theodora Ziolkowski

Ann Pedone

Coley Gibson

Cameron Lovejoy

Sheleen McElhinney

Akhim Cabey

Joshua Robbins

Landon McGee

Dan Rzicznek

Faiz Ahmad

Stephanie McCarley Dugger

Volcano Rim


 When I Speak Up for Myself, It Sounds Like Killing a Lobster

On Debating Child Separation at Mama Juanita’s

Recipe for Adobong Palaka

In the dream in which I refuse to repair us

In Bed with Susan Sontag

Pinworm Evolution as an Arms Race

Nikola Tesla Believed a Pigeon to Be His Wife

We Swing on the White Wooden Bench


Elegy on New Year’s Day

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

[“The last day of June …”] from Leafmold