Issue 65

Issue 65 Contents

2015 Kay Murphy Prize in Poetry

Seann F. Weir                         Plans to Disembark



Brenna Womer                       What’s Mine is Yours

Louise Marburg                      The Other Rachel Hersch

Chase Dearinger                     Sort of Breathing      



Andrew Bertaina                   The Mending Wall

Ann Hillesland                       Holiday

Patricia Feeney                       Lifeline



Mark Baumer                          [I haven’t heard]

Lyn Li Che                                Hungry Ghost Festival

Aaron Anstett                         Emblem

Rochelle Shapiro                    Hope, That Feathered Thing

Laton Carter                            [When the bus arrived]

Abigail Lee                              “and while he told the sand of his hour-glass…”

Brionne Janae                         Swing Dance, a Spiritual

Asnia Asim                             Eid at the Refugee Camp

Larry Eby                                Deer Carry with Them a Kind of Cadence

McAllister Williams             Winedark

Wikipoesis                              Must increase/decrease/creased