Issue 60


Jillian Weise                           Stay a Stand-Up Bassist Forever

Valerie Cuming                       Diamonds

Tyler Evans                            Graveyard

Mollie Ficek                            Together, One by One

Alexander Lumans                  Minotauromachia


Brian Orth                              Starting with the Corners

The Memory Twig

Lindsay Macik                        Alisa

Zack Strait                             Pinch

Michelle Chan Brown              Ghost Town, USA

Love Poem in Cameo

K.S. Hardy                             Aunt Clara

Gabriel Kalmuss-Katz              A Likeable Actor in the Rain

Susana H. Case                     Apartment House, 1 AM

Charles Perkins                      Ingrown Hair

Dana Stamps, II                      The Dogs Have Their Day

Hope D. Johnson                    Cotton Fields


A. Anupama                           Seagull, Trident

Abraham Smith                       18



Kara Candito                          Écriture féminine

Dorothy Howe Brooks             In the Supermarket Line

Flower Conroy                       Butterfly Effect—Just Before Your Heart

Stopped You Dizzied

William Fargason                   Birds

Malika Booker                        After Liming in the local Rum shop

on Diamond Street

Alex Linden                            Family Tree Says Part Two/ American Confusion


Kevin O’Connor                      Notes from a City Sparrow

Gaylord Brewer                      Ghost Cleans Himself Up Before Visiting

the Monument of the War Dead

Timothy McLafferty                 Nu Moirai

Rosebud Ben-Oni                   Night Shark of the Sigsbee Deep

Jeff Newberry                        The Cartographer’s Song

Adam McGraw                       The Origin of Mining Disasters

Shira Richman                       Hound

It Starts in the Teeth

Lowell Jaeger                         Scars

Sarah Grieve                          Under the Condor

Michele Santamaria                Finis

Clayton Adam Clark                The Meramec

Michael Kroesche                   First revelation

Adam Crittenden                     At This Moment. / What Else

Thomas Schwank                    black bananas


Patti Crouch                           Gleaning

Andrew Maynard                    Killing Frogs

Juyanne James                      Table Scraps

Katelyn Kiley                          Grown

2013 Winner of the Tennessee Williams One-Act Play Contest

Frederick Mensch                   Father

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